Book Review: Myf Warhurst, Time of My Life
Myf Warhurst’s memoir of life, music, and the media is like reminiscing with an old friend.
For Warhurst, and other music lovers, it’s more than just background noise:

"It offers us mere mortals a way to access feelings and make sense of our thoughts, at times when we might not have the emotional or intellectual language to do so on our own."

This viewpoint underpins Warhurst’s memoir as she takes us through significant events in her life, weaving in specific songs to anchor the time and mood, giving her memories a deeper dimension.

Time of My Life is an engaging read with obvious appeal for Warhurst fans, but also anyone interested in pop culture or keen to tap into their own music-laced memories..

Read the full review, first published in The Newtown Review of Books